DAMA-UPC in the LDBC EU project

Jun 21, 2013

DAMA-UPC coordinates the LDBC EU 7th Framework Programme project. The aim of the project is to develop neutral benchmarks for RDF and graph databases technologies, auditing benchmark results and publishing them.

The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) is a collaborative project in Information and Communication Technologies for the development of benchmark for different technology areas including code data management, graph analysis, and data integration and reasoning:

  • Development of benchmarks to encourage research and industry progress in the areas.
  • Establishment of a neutral entity for developing graph and RDF benchmarks, auditing results and  publishing the audited results.


The target audience for LDBC includes:


  • Technology users, that wish to use graph or RDF technologies in their prokects.
  • Researchers, who focus on graph data representations or those who use these technologies for other fields of research.
  • Technology vendors, those who sell the software or the services around the software of the before mentioned technologies.


Thanks to LDBC's work, the consortium will be able to target hard problems that affect most users, encourage innovative performance and scalability improvements, be open to target real-word usage and become the facto standard for publishing results to enable objective comparisions.


DAMA-UPC coordinates the project and also is highly participating in the development of the graph-oriented benchmarks.


More details about the project and its participants: http://ldbc.edu