CoherentPaaS Consortium Meeting


27-29th May, Barcelona 2015

CoherentPaaS will provide a rich PaaS with different “one size” data stores optimized for particular tasks, data, and workloads.CoherentPaaS will integrate NoSQL data stores such as key-value data stores and graph databases, SQL data stores such as in-memory and column-oriented databases, hybrid systems such as SQL engines on top on key-value data stores, and complex event processing data management systems. What is more, CoherentPaaS will provide a common query language for all cloud services and data stores, which will provide a uniform way to access all data stores in an integrated manner. It is federated approach also enables to fully exploit efficiently the capabilities of each cloud data store. CoherentPaaS will enable the development of new cloud applications that exploit the performance and scalability of new cloud data management technology, while hiding the complexity of the underlying technology under a unified query language.


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