Technology Transfer (TTX)

Technology Transfer is one of the main focus of DAMA-UPC, the group created Sparsity Technologies, a spin-out company with which collaborates in commercial & research projects

Sparsity is a Spin-out from UPC born in 2010. Its primary activity is the Technological Transferal of the research and innovations undertaken by DAMA-UPC group. Sparsity also develops a set of web and mobile application using Sparksee technology as its core value. Sparsity has been heavily involved in European projects as well as providing smart mobility solutions for companies and cities.

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Projects in collaboration with Sparsity


In-store Media

Status: Production stage.


Built a platform based on our Smart Mobility technology to provide a tool for Work management for their crew that includes a mobile application for the workers to report their daily work and the central office web application with real-time updates.

Control Courier

Status: Production stage.


Route optimisation platform for this courier company that specializes in pharmacy deliveries. 


European Projects


Status: The project finished but we are actively collaborating with the Council that was established after the project

The Linked Data Benchmark Council, established as an outcome of the LDBC EU project, brings industry and users together for developing benchmarks whereby the state-of-the-art and advances in graph data management technologies can be assessed and directed


Status: In development

The Uniserver project is a EU funded project that aims at developing the next generation of ARM based servers for the fog/edge-computing and IoT era. Sparsity provides his experience in graph management and modern graph-based applications to properly benchmark and test the Uniserver technology on a real setting.

FrontierCities / FrontierCities2

Status: In development FrontierCities2

FrontierCities () & FrontierCities 2 are EU funded projects which support SMEs and Startups to develop smart mobility applications for cities across Europe. With these projects we created our smart mobility platform called Cigo! Learn more about it in the Software section.


Status: Finished

SoMatch is a EU funded project with the objective to improve the competitiveness of European SMEs dedicated to fashion design and Textile & Clothing (T&C) sectors by providing an IT solution that will deliver reliable fashion trends estimations and forecasts of user acceptance for clothing designs.