List of the software & technologies created by DAMA-UPC

Sparksee (formerly DEX)

Sparksee is a high-performance and scalable graph database management system written in C++. Sparksee’s high performance graph management engine is designed to have a small software footprint and high data compression thanks to a smart use of bitmaps structures, answering queries dealing with billions of objects in off-the-shelve computing device in sub-seconds.


Cigo! is a smart mobility platform that can be targeted towards companies and cities that wish to offer more efficient services. CIGO! Smart Cities help cities make sense out of all the data available in order to improve the operational efficiency of their services to ultimately make an impact on the citizen’s quality of life. CIGO! Fleet allows to plan routes and interact with fleets, analysing geolocated data wihtout a need for sensors, intensive server use or expensive hardware.

Daurum (discontinued)

Daurum helps to improve data quality by identifying similar registers. It keeps databases clean, preventing duplications, and allows different data sources to merge and process their data in real time.

Tweeticer (discontinued)

Tweeticer is a tool to detect the most influential users in your topics of interest to ultimately build a high-quality audience on Twitter. The influencers or trendsetters that Tweeticer finds are not determined just by the number of followers that they have or the engagement with their network like most of the apps on the market, but it is based on a complex algorithm that analyzes the probability of a user to make the tweets of a certain topic go viral.

Sciencea (discontinued)

Sciencea is a complex bibliographic search & analytical website that allows getting recommendations of the information available at Cordis in order to get the best profiles when creating a project proposal. It also analyses the tendencies in the projects.

Bibex/Revisors (discontinued)

Bibex is a software for exploring bibliographic information networks which can be used in the cloud. Revisors is a Bibex specialization for the recommendation of reviewers of projects or articles, using bibliographic information, the description of the project or article under review and excluding the co-autors of the proposed ones.